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Projectmanagement for Development, Recovery, Restructuring

Our established network of seasoned executives and specialists possess many years of professional experience in management and business development, in terms of strategy, concept and project implementation in an international environment. We have developed our professional network over the course of decades and, for almost any issue that arises, we know precisely how to integrate further reliable contacts and sources of expertise. We do not see ourselves as „consultants“, but as hands-on developers and facilitators, who match and implement business connections that meet your specific needs. We create concepts and realize projects. We are the incubator for ideas and connections that will expand your business into new markets and make visions become reality.

We respect and understand your interest in knowing our track record in your field. Get in touch with us and let us reflect on your challenges and expectations. Mutual trust and confidence is mandatory, on both sides, in order for success to be realized. 


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From Vision to Results

A strategic and out-of-the-box mindset combined with deep rooting international best practise experience and hands-on approach leads to real value creation. 

TREND TRANSFER was founded in 2006 by Richard Adam and, since then, our objective of creating substantial support in developing and shaping productive business connections between Europe and Asia as well as destination development in a 360-degree perspective has remain unchanged. However, our know-how, network, experience and history of successfully implemented projects have been growing ever since. We have paid our dues and have earned our excellent reputation by competence and dedication.

Richard is your primary contact from start to delivery of any assignment. We believe clear communication structures, accountability and "DOer"-mentality are valueble factors of success. 


Richard Adam, German and Australian national, has already worked in middle-management positions in the service industry in Europe, Asia and Australia prior to his university studies. After completing his MBA-degree in management and psychology, he worked for one of the leading  management consultancy firms in the USA and Germany until he was attracted to more “hands on” type of management work again.

Today Richard is a seasoned international C-level executive and board member in asset 
development, management and investment for private or governmental entities as well as PPPs. 20 years reporting at board level. Digital advocate, media trained, well-proven public speaker, endlessly curious. Richard is an International Council member of World Tourism Forum Institute and Global Tourism Forum.



A track record of accomplishments in developing "places" (destinations, resorts, hospitality, leisure and lifestyle venues) from every aspect (strategy, feasibility, development, restructuring, turn around, M&A, asset management, restructuring, recovery), building operational business units; business development; creation and implementation of market entry strategies, including  operational and P&L responsibilities; shaping reasonable import/export relations as well as sourcing or distribution partnerships; and matching M&A processes between Asia and Europe in different  environments have been his “bread and butter” for decades and still is today.

He is working for governmental entities for destination development in tourism in East, South East Asia and GEC countries, covering the full lifecyle from development to restructuring. These assignments also included various NED Board Roles in Real Estate-, Infrastructure-, Organizational Development and related investment and asset management.  

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