"Awareness" is nice to have -
"Relevance" is key

What makes people visit your place and generate revenue? Awareness? No. It is the RELEVANCE for them to go there hoping to get overwhelmed in their specific needs and interests So forget about glossy advertising programs all telling the same stories all over the world. Instead gnerate competitive edge in targeting interest groups by serving them better than others, leveraging the power of advocacy.

Right up front: We do not see “branding” as another labeling exercise. There is no need – and no sense – to generate another aware- ness campaign or to put new labels on common products or services. That´s not what we are talking about.

Destinations, Regions, Places, Cities are facing increasing competition when it comes to attract visitors, investors, companies, events and other assets. Too many times, this competition is carried out by means of expensive awareness campaigns and advertising, where everybody tells you the same old story without substantial products and services. If you are striving for an image that is sharp, you better dig into generating sharp products and services which stand for best practice and provide real value for your target groups. With todays shift, when mobile marketing and connectivity solutions make (desktop-oriented) internet marketing solutions look old-school, we need a completly new approach to think of value chains, connectivity concepts and where we come in with what we have to offer.


With our strategic and proven approach and the track record of experience we have in that, we can help you change the focus of your stake holders on targeted development towards best practice. Not for everything but for what your target groups want. We take the process from thinking in awareness campaigns towards competitive edge. “Awareness” is costly and ineffective. “Relevance” brings results and sustainable benefits and advantages – and the sharp image of being the best in what you have.

However, to enter this process requires integration of all stake holders, the commitment to work hard for the better, trust, structures, rules – and a proven roadmap. 





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