Sustainability Strategy,
Implementation and

Lip Service or Substance?

Your potential customer will find out

What makes people with increasing awareness and concerns about climate change, social unjustice and other issues trust and prefer your offerings? Bloated lip service and corporate narrative about sustainability and social responsibility? No. A sincere, transparent and implemented management system targeting ecological, economic and social aspects of sustainability based on relevant active KPIs.

The term "Sustainability" has become one of the most inflated buzz words. In business in general and in tourism destinations in particular, unfortunately, there is often a huge evidence gap between lip service and substantial strategies. 

However, in todays changing consumer landscape there is great potential to gain competitive edge with sustainability strategies and also to build increased resilience, especially considering the learnings of the pandemic and the shifts in consumer priorities.

Today the three dimenions of sustainability (ecologic, economic, social) can measured and monitored and therefore steered and managed. Carbon footprint, use of recycled material, sources of regerative energy, existence of regional value chains, contribution to local welfare, reinvestment in the region etc. will flow into a system of mature KPIs to measure and improve the quality of your tourism performance beyond counting visitor numbers.



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