Foundation for successful market entry is laid at early stage 
.... so is failure

Foreign Market Entry Incubator,
Distribution Partners, Joint Ventures, Sourcing, M&A, Strategic Alliances

Facilitation of branch opening or foreign representation

Entering or expanding into foreign emerging markets can be a journey full of headaches and endless pitfalls. We have been through most of them and are able to smooth the process by being prepared in the aspects that really matter and by knowing the temptations to better stay away from, in particular in the field of FMCG, luxury goods and upscale services.

You want to expand your value chain and business in emerging markets in Asia or are looking for new markets and business connections? Inbound or outbound business. We identify, assess, qualify, match and provide you with professional and reliable opportunities for partnerships, which are suitable and prosperous for your individual business needs. This involves production sites, partners for distribution or sourcing, joint ventures or M&A ambitions or the establishment of daughter companies, including the operational structures in new markets. Also, in the event that you want to discretely remain in the background, for whatever reason, we can act on your behalf and drive the process until the relevant maturity for a roll out.

We work with companies in Germany, Switzerland and Austria, as well as for organizations in East- and South East Asia and the Middle East, who want to expand in (German speaking) Europe. Inbound and Outbound Business. We feel at home in both regions 

We respect and understand your interest in knowing our track record in your field. Get in touch with us and let us reflect on your challenges and expectations. Mutual trust and confidence is mandatory, on both sides, in order for success to be realized.

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Business and Market Intelligence, Background Checks, Sourcing

In case you want to optimize, restructure or expand your sources for consumer or investment goods, we can be of help in most cases. With twenty years of relevant experience in various fields and the resulting network of experienced and trustworthy contacts, we can help you leverage the best possible solutions. We can be your personal navigator in Asian sourcing, outsourcing or market expansion.

We also provide "Business Intelligence Services" with regards to potential business partners, sources or peripheral issues - background information you need to know before you invest time, money and reputation. We may discover issues, you will not be told going the official way.

There are many situations where professional and effective research can leverage businesses: from scouting for trends and local adaptions to finding locations (e. g. production, retail, hospitality). Leveraging our network is optimising your options. 

Make sure you know what you need to know. Often nothing is as it seems.



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