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Market Expansion, Market Entry, Destination Development & Management, Project- & Interimmanagement




for your competitive advantage in international business.


Business Development Incubator for Market Expansion and Transactions between Asia and Europe in the following industry groups:


  • Luxury Goods and Upscale FMCG and Services
  • Tourism, Travel, Aviation, Hospitality Destination Development and Management
  • Related Commercial Real Estate Development from greenfield to viable customer experience, retention and advocacy
  • Retail (Upscale)
  • Sales and Distribution of Machinery and Capital Investment Goods

Our Services comprise:


  •  Market entry facilitation, strategic alliances, distributing partners, sourcing, project development, project management, interim management, contracting (also when your company wants to remain confidential prior to the roll out),


  • Scouting and feasibility for M&A, joint venture and investment objectives, market trends, locations, adaptions


  • Business intelligence services with regards to potential business partners and sources


  • Market expansion for luxury goods and high-end services in emerging markets


  • Destination Development and related real estate development in a 360-degree approach (hardware, infrastructure, organisation, services, digital) from greenfield development to viable customer experience, retention and advocacy, also restructuring and turnaround


  • Destination Management & City Branding - "Awareness" is good, "Relevance" is key


  • Taylor made Mystery Shopping for Hotels, Airlines, Private Jet Charter, Hospitality, Destinationmanagement.


We are not a "consultancy" first of all, we leverage connections.


We are hands-on incubators, your task force until your objectives gain shape and operational maturity.


We don´t sell advice! We provide and implement solutions. Reliable, effective, professional.


From Vision to results








for your competitive

advantage in

international business



Destination Developpment & Restructuring,

Recovery Management, Sustainability Strategies,

Customer Experience and Visitor Journey Enhancement

Market Entry Expansion

and Business Development




Foreign Market Strategy Development & Execution


We provide solutions -

in both directions.



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