Project & Interim Management, Contracting, Task Force, Trouble Shooting

Recent achievements in project and interim management:


  • 2011 - Development and implementation of an innovative and unique show case, entertainment and retail concept for life style related upscale consumer brands in a massive development in a popular second tier city in China (incl. acquisition of brands)


  • 2011 - Pre-Opening Marketing Management of large shopping, entertainment and hospitality complex in South East Asian capital city.


  • 2011 - Project development of international 5-Star Hotel in Guangzhou/China on behalf of international hotel management company (looking for adequate location and acquiring investment and hotel operator to sign management contract) on behalf of Chinese joint venture company.


  • 2011 - Tourism development strategy for a province in North America, contracted by State Government, with particular attention to integration of indigenous issues considering “first nations” heritage and job market development.


  • 2012 - Coordination and initial implementation of tourism development masterplan for an area in the Gulf Region, directly reporting to the office of the regional government.


  • 2013 - Interim Managing Director for upscale River Cruise Ship company in South East Asia, overseeing new investment and launch of new product in neighboring country and positioning in the international "luxury" market on behalf of owners (based in Europe).


  • Late 2013 and ongoing - Turnaround and restructuring private hotel group in Germany on behalf of new investors from Russia.




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