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Destination Development, Destination Management, Market Expansion, Market Entry, Project- und Interimmanagement

By finding us, you have just made a good move in the right direction. If you want to move forward towards emerging markets in Asia or destination development and restructuring - our two competene centers -  we can add tremendous value to your company or investment while being a reliable companion on your mission to expand your business. We are often able to help companies find reasonable shortcuts and prevent them from getting off course.


Business development and leveraging potentials between Asia and Europe is our mission and dedication – in bothdirections. We transform ideas into projects and then make them come alive.


Our core competencies and expertise is in the following industry groups:

  • Luxury Goods and Upscale FMCG and Services
  • Tourism, Travel, Aviation, Hospitality, Destination Development , Destination Management
  • Retail (Upscale)
  • Sales and Distribution of Machinery and Capital Investment Goods

Don´t hesitate to ask in case you are in other industries. If we feel, we cannot deliver top service and "assets to the table", we tell you right up front.


You are interested in participating in the world biggest industry, tourism and leisure, and want to invest in detination, resort or relevant commercial real estate development. We provide assistance in competitive edge greenfield strategy (including the learnings from Covid-19) and see it through in all aspects (infrastructure, organizational development, digital and buiness development) to viable visitor experience and retention.


Are you looking for: new markets for your products; distribution or sourcing partners; strategic alliances or joint ventures; or “just” for the ideal executives for your business? If you answer yes to any of these needs, then we should start exploring co-operation in strategy development,  project management, interim management, executive recruitment, contracting, also restructuring and turnaround.


We work with companies in Germany, Switzerland and Austria, as well as for organizations in East- and South East Asia and the Middle East, who want to expand in (German speaking) Europe. Inbound and Outbound Business. We feel at home in both regions.


We look forward to a common journey and to your success.






for your competitive

advantage in

international business



Destination Developpment & Restructuring,

Recovery Management, Sustainability Strategies,

Customer Experience and Visitor Journey Enhancement

Market Entry Expansion

and Business Development




Foreign Market Strategy Development & Execution


We provide solutions -

in both directions.



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