Make sure you know what you need to know

... before making decisions

We also provide "Business Intelligence Services" with regards to potential business partners, sources or peripheral issues - background information you need to know before you invest time, money and reputation. We may discover issues, you will not be told going the official way.



There are many situations where professional and effective research can leverage businesses: from scouting for trends and local adaptions to finding locations (e. g. production, retail, hospitality). Leveraging our network is optimising your options.


We respect and understand your interest in knowing our track record in your field. Get in touch with us and let us reflect on your challenges and expectations. Mutual trust and confidence is mandatory, on both sides, in order for success to be realized.






for your competitive

advantage in

international business



Destination Developpment & Restructuring,

Recovery Management, Sustainability Strategies,

Customer Experience and Visitor Journey Enhancement

Market Entry Expansion

and Business Development




Foreign Market Strategy Development & Execution


We provide solutions -

in both directions.



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