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  • We only get involved in search assignments when we are convinced that we can successfully deliver results, in terms of client expectations. In the event that we do not have the needed expertise to assist a potential client, we straightforwardly communicate this fact prior to the assignment. We are not experts for everything, but when we do get involved, we strive and consistently deliver at the highest possible level.



  • After taking on an assignment, we work with state-of-the-art methodology and upmost commitment, reliability, dedication and targeted consultation with the client. However, we do expect the same eye-to-eye perspective from the client. Comprehensive briefing, clear positions, transparency, a common binding road map, as well as quick responses and decisions are essential requirements for successful search and placement assignments. Our service is very personal and individual, based on empathy and mutual trust. We expect from you what you can expect from us.



  • In one hand, we hold all of the information we learn in the initial briefing by the client, the initial approach to the candidate and the further assessment of candidates. And, in the other hand, we hold all of the information we have learned by reading between the lines of what both the client and candidates express and by absorbing the kinds of details that optimize potential matching. We are fully aware of our responsibility to act on a client´s behalf and to represent a company´s values as a third party. We can do this at the highest professional level once we can effectively answer all the enquiries that we anticipate the professional candidates will ask.



  • An assignment is completed once the client is fully satisfied with the outcome of the placement (and hopefully beyond that).



  • We will not waste your time and resources through pointless action in terms of bringing profiles to your table, which are more or less of a random nature. Our approach is targeted and we  communicate professionally and directly to both sides, in a confidential and reliable manner. We respect the standards, time and efforts of the client, as well as the need for the confidentiality of the employed candidates.

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