Executive Search & Recruiting

Why involving a "Headhunter"?

The real question is: Are you looking for candidates who are ON the market ....

... or for the best possible candidates IN the market?

Normally, it is always possible to fill an open vacancy - sooner or later.


But if you are really dedicated to the idea, that the best available professionals for any given task are the competitive advantage in todays business, you should wonder whether you leverage available opportunities to bring the best executives and specialists for a specific challenge to the table.


Therefore, the question is, whether you are looking for candidates, who are ON the market or for the canddiates who match your high standards and criterias from within the market. We go for the top performers in their peer groups.


We normally do not approach candidates who would apply anyway. However, by means of systematic analysis und confidential approach we open candidates for considering a career move, who are successful in their current assignement and do not bother to follow on job ads. To identify and motivate succesful professionals for new challenges and to ensure a smooth closing in order to increase your competitive advantage is our mission.




for your competitive

advantage in

international business


Customer Experience and Visitor Journey Enhancement


Executive Incubator

for Market Expansion

and Transactions




We provide solutions -

in both directions.



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