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Tailor Made Mystery Shopping & Visitor Experience Touch Point Analysis for

* Destination Management

* Hospitality Projects

* Leisure Venues

* Commercial Real Estate


Decades of professional experience from different angles enable us to check implementation details of your service policies and procedures and to develop improvements. We conduct mystery shopping missions in the following areas:


  • -     Upscale Business and Leisure hotels (with special approach dedicated to newly opened venues or launched services or repositioning and upgrade objectives)


  • -    Hospitality projects (temporary and permanent)


  • -    Destination management (inbound services, special interest portfolio of products, impression and issue management, arrival and departure services)


Our aim is to serve your quality delivery and improvement strategies in order to develop and maintain competitive advantage in added-value and upscale oriented business environments. Our perspective is the point of view of the demanding international traveler and customer, their experience of “bottle necks” and the relevant global benchmarks. We are aware of international trends and “best-in-class” services and mirror your actual performance. Briefing, findings and improvement suggestions are treated strictly confidential between client and us.



What is the core prerequisite of a sustainable business? Repeat customer!
What is the key to repeat customers? Loyalty programs? No


Over 20 years of relevant experience have made us unique experts in analysing and optimising customer experience and visitor journey in tourism and leisure (destinations, resorts, hospitality, shopping Centers, upscale residential etc.)

We utilize the approach of visitor experience in all aspects:
1. physical infrastructure: leeds to infrastructure and process improvement
2. social: leeds to better service and qualified staff
3. digital: leeds to extended customer journey from awareness to retention, upselling, big data, higher conversion rates etc.

We can
- introduce you to our touch point/paint point analyses in your inhouse training
- improve development or restructuring projects
- interim or long term project management

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for your competitive

advantage in

international business



Destination Developpment & Restructuring,

Recovery Management, Sustainability Strategies,

Customer Experience and Visitor Journey Enhancement

Market Entry Expansion

and Business Development




Foreign Market Strategy Development & Execution


We provide solutions -

in both directions.



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