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The term "Sustainability" has become one of the most inflated buzz words. In business in generaal and in tourism destinations in particular, unfortunately, there is often a huge gap between lip service and substantial strategies. 

However, in todays changing consumer landscape there is huge potential to gain competitive edge with sustainability strategies and also building increased resilience, especially considering the learnings of the pandemic and the shifts in consumer priorities.


For further, more indepth reflections, you may want to consider reading one of our recent - slightly provocative - publications in co-operation with World Tourism Forum Institute.


Economic Sustainability

Tourism destinations increasingly lose their identity by attracting the internationally known franchise labels in retail, hospitality and restaurants. While this is not only weakens the unique and authentic visitor experience and therefore the desire to visit, it also provides a significant drain of capital and profits and can eventually threaten the value of real estate and other assets as laid out in more detail in this highly acknowledged article on relevant developments hospitality.

Social Sustainability

Social Sustainability looks into the increasing quality of life of the local population, after all tourism is changing their ancestral habitat. Decent qualification schemes for job enrichment, reinvesting profits in the local welfare of the area, strengthening authentic identity and heritage, developing regional value chains and inspiring local entrepreneurship are a few relevant measures in this regard.

Ecologic Sustainability

Lowering carbon footprint, land use, waste and polution and maintaining a healthy economic development consequentlyy leads to smart mobility, regional offerings, alternative energy, awareness campains, a sustainable approach to construction concepts and planning and innovative recycling patterns, among other measures. We believe, the key to sustainabily is in doing things smarter with technology instead of prohibiting a prosperous industry sector.

Over the years and decades in tourism development, the focus on progress and monitoring has been on arrival numbers. However, while this indicator is relatively easy to capture and to communicate, it does not indicate the quality of sustainability and welfare of a region.

Based on the believe, "what gets measured gets done", we introduce specific KPIs that help developing relevant sustainability strategies and monitor their progress and value.






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